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We are making the steel and iron castings:

for construction equipment for agricultural equipment for lifting and transportation equipment
for mining industry for metallurgical industry for cement industry for power industry
for maritime industry

Iron castings

  • grey GJL-150 ÷ GJL-300

  • spheroidal GJS-400-15, GJS-400-18, GJS-500-7, GJS-600-3, GJS-700-2

  • alloy ZlCr0,4÷1,5, ZlCu

  • wear resistant Nihard 1÷4

Weigh range of iron castings - from 5 kg till 17000 kg

Steel castings

  • carbon Gs38÷Gs60, 200-400W÷340-550W,

  • alloy and other e.g.Gs20Mn5, L35GSM, Gs42CrMo4, Gs22Mo4, L25HM, L120G13 (Hadfield) end other

  • high-alloy e.g. LH26, Gx40CrNiSi27-4, Gx6CrNiMo18-10, LH18N9, LH25N19S2, LH18N10M, LH17N8

Weigh range from 5 kg till 6000 kg

Castings are made according to the standards PN, EN, DIN, ASTM. They are made in raw condition, as rough machined or ready-made elements.

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